Friday, June 11, 2010


I just read my friend Vanessa's blog and found myself missing my blog SO MUCH! I'm on phone duty at work and there's no time for anything well thought-out but I just wanted to stop in and say hello!

Life has been wall-to-wall 16 hour days for the last couple of weeks. I've calculated that I'll be able to come up for air on June 18th -- unless something else comes up!

So, here's a brief summary of June so far: Sara-Grace turned 9 on the 9th and had a big day, we're preparing for her pool/cookout/slumber party which is tomorrow (the 12th), Matt was bitten by a baby water moccasin but it didn't occur to him to mention if for three days so I think he'll live, I've been emptying two houses and staging two more (half of which are in the next county so lots of driving and long hours away), I have two closings next week -- my first every buyer client and a town house I own myself, the sale of the town house will break the financial log jam we've been in for months (Praise God!), the girls FINALLY got out of school on Monday (June 7th) but I've scarcely laid eyes on them I've been so busy, I got to spend two weekends in Enid which I love, I had an open house last Sunday and another one this Sunday, I have an out-of-state buyer client coming in from South Dakota next week which has required lots of prep work, Mark and I are going to Fort Worth on the 24th for the RV auction on the 25th (maybe even ALONE!), and I'm living for the day (maybe June 19th?) when I can run away to Enid for a stretch and play summer in my little vintage house, start too many projects, write daily on this blog, and maybe even launch my Freesourcefull blog! Whew!

People always ask what I'm doing for the summer. My answer for the last decade has always been "as little as possible". That gets harder and harder to accomplish! But I still want to try!

Happy Summer and stay tuned!